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The Bernese Mountain Dog is a beautiful companion/family dog. It is still quite rare and most concerned breeders will take great care to properly place their puppies. We need to know you better and you should likewise inquire about our breeding practices.

A concerned breeder will always house raise their puppies and temperament test the litter (PAT). A breeder should have a thorough knowledge of their dog's ancestors (pedigree) including genotype (genetic) and phenotype (structure/type). There is no perfect dog and a breeder should be willing to discuss the positive points as well as the negative.

Just a word of caution about the Bernese Mountain Dog. The berner has a limited gene pool. The Bernese Mountain Dog comes with its fine qualities as well as some that we are not able to genetically control. Breeders have not been able to breed out hip dysplasia, elbow, shoulder, eye and allergy problems and cancer in young dogs. We also are not always able to control the environment the puppy goes into... such as adequate free exercise, good diet to promote proper growth, pesticides, over vaccinating, carcenogenics.

My personal philosophy is to breed quality proven lines with quality lines. It is very important to know as much as possible about the Sire and Dam, their litter mates; the Grandsires and Granddams, their littermates etc. Remember that the father and mother, no matter how healthy, still carry the genetic traits of their ancestors.

As a breeder, I can advise you about my dogs. I, however, cannot guarantee you that you will not incur future problems. I can only try to breed the best possible dog after thorough studying, observing and years of knowledgeable experience.

All my puppies are placed with a written contract. A pet is expected to be neutered/spayed. A show prospect puppy is the same as a pet puppy except it has been evaluated as having the future potential to carry on the breed in structure, type and temperament. This is also determined through future showing at AKC shows.

My puppies are placed in homes to be raised with families and not in kennels. I guarantee my puppies for their life-time in that the dog cannot be resold, transferred ownership, placed or given away. I will always take my dogs back at any age. This eliminates my dogs from ending up in shelters or puppy mills.

Adding a Berner to your family is a serious COMMITMENT. Choosing wisely can be rewarding.