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I strongly suggest that your pup or dog be gradually introduced into an all natural diet. I have had great success in eliminating many health problems. All raw diets are not the same. Ingredients and ratio balance are very important for growing pups. I’ve followed Dr. Billinghurst’s diet for many years and “know” from experience it works. Please use his raw diet (chicken, veggies, fruit combination patties) at while your pup is growing. You can order the frozen patties at
If you absolutely cannot maintain this diet, feed it a couple times a week so you know your pup/dog is getting fresh/proper nutrition.

Dog foods I recommend for maintenance: pick out a grain-free kibble like Merrick Pet Care - Before Grain Salmon, Merrick Pet Care - Before Grain Chicken, Merrick Pet Care - Before Grain Buffalo, Fromm Family - Grain Free Surf & Turf, Petcurean - Now Grain Free Adult Formula, Timberwolf (formerly Timberwolf Organics) - Ocean Blue, Timberwolf (formerly Timberwolf Organics) - Wild & Natural Dry, Old Mother Hubbard - Wellness Core Original Formula. Stay away from Grain Free kibbles that have a high protein level and/or low fat level content. .

Ordering these foods can be found on the internet.

Recommended supplements: Daily Greens at

Read Give Your Dog a Bone by Dr. Ian Billinghurst for a complete description of the diet. You can order his book at the website:

Deborah Straw is author of Why is Cancer Killing Our Pets? How You Can Protect and Treat Your Animal Companion

"The incidence of cancer has risen dramatically in domestic animals in the past several years. Some 70 types of cancers have been identified; one reputable source indicates that 47 percent of dogs now die of cancer.

No one cause has been attributed to this rise. However, several factors have been implicated. These include increasing longevity; poor diet; poor quality drinking water; environmental causes such as pesticides and herbicides; high levels of stress; some vaccines; and genetic causes.

Commercial pet food is especially worrisome. The ingredients in most are shocking -- '4-D' (dead, diseased, dying and disabled) animals (including dogs and cats), road kill (all the above are labeled "meat byproducts") and more. They contain BHA, BHT and EQ, all dangerous. By contrast, high-end premium foods now include items like brown rice, turkey and carrots.

We humans can do much more to prevent many animal cancers. We can feed our animals a more nutritious and balanced natural diet. We can be more judicious about using vaccines and flea and other commercial health care products. We need to find veterinarians willing to listen to us and to our animals, ones who are open to nutritional changes and alternative treatments. We can lower our companion animals' stress level; we can listen more clearly to what they have to tell us."


Give your dog a daily cocktail full of FRESH fruits, vegetables, grains, meats and a lot of other good sources of nutrition. It might take some time getting use to BUT the rewards are a HEALTHIER family pet.

The RAW or FRESH ingredients are important for their natural and unchanged composition that occurrs when cooked. Care and cleanliness with raw meat is always a must. If you cannot accept the idea of raw meats, leave the out. Unpasteurized foods are preferable.

Mix in a blender and pour over their kibble that has been soaked in warm water. Most ingredients can be added directly in the kibble without blending except for FRESH vegetables. The cellulose fiber in vegetables has to be broken down for digestion.

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  • Vegetables: cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, squash, green beans, spinach
  • Dairy: yogurt, cottage cheese, grated cheese, eggs (whole with egg shell)
  • Meat & Fish:Raw chicken wings and backs, (I use chicken backs and pull off the excess fat),tripe, organ meats, canned tuna or mackerel..**Don’t give cooked bones-they are brittle and dangerous!
  • Fruits: apples, oranges, bananas, grapefruit, cranberries
  • Fibers: Total cereal, wheat germ, oat bran, oatmeal, farina, wheat bran, seminola, pastas, brown rice ***many dogs are allergic to wheat! (Use very little grains in the diet)
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Honey, molasses
  • B COMPLEX - only supplement I use
  • 4" Raw Marrow bones for cleaning teeth

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