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The KEY to finding that berner puppy is finding a "responsible & ethical" BREEDER.


AKC Press Release - January 16, 2008 - FRAUDULENT FIDOS

"Earlier this year the AKC and the Better Business Bureau issued a warning
about Internet scams that often used photos of puppies
to lure in victims. Commonly, the scammer -posing as a breeder-
places an ad offering a free or inexpensive puppy and then requests
via email that shipping fees be wired. After the money is sent,
the dog never arrives and the scammer is never heard from again."

"This is certainly not the only scam to be aware of, but it is a common one,"
"Because of the emotional investment, consumers are more vulnerable
to being taken advantage of when it comes to a cute,
cuddly puppy than with any other purchase. Not only is it important
to find the breed that's right for your lifestyle, it's just as important
to take those extra steps and FIND A RESPONSIBLE BREEDER"

Because the demand is high and there are limited reputable breeders, the Bernese Mt Dog "for sale" is starting to show up in pet stores ,commercial internet puppy selling sites "stocked" by the volume puppy mills from the Midwest and being bred by unknowledgeable backyard breeders. These are the same volume puppy mills you've read about and seen exposed on television disclosing some horrendous housing conditions and inhumane treatment. Many are auctioned and/or sold to the pet stores throughout the country; transported like cattle to various parts of the country.


IMPORTS: No reputable breeder in a foreign county will send their good dogs to the United States. Only a few of us breeders that are internationally known can be assured of getting excellent healthy breeding stock. DO NOT BUY AN IMPORT. You can not return a sick dog, have a breeder to work with or know anything about the history of the dog.

In your search for a Bernese Mountain Dog, please make sure that the breeder is reputable, a member of the Bernese Mountain Club of America-a code of ethics club, well known and has a proven track record of producing quality champion and family pet Bernese Mountain Dogs. Don't hesitate to ask your breeder for references and please check them.

Select a breeder that you trust! As a general rule, better known breeders will have a better reputation for quality, experience and reliability - that's how they got to be so well recognized. They should have a track record of producing AKC champions and quality offspring.

RUN-DON'T WALK-AWAY if you are taken to see the puppies or the parents that are housed/confined in kennel runs. Always ask where the adults, parents and puppies are raised and maintained "from birth" and into their adult life. The Bernese Mt Dog is very people oriented and should never be raised or housed in kennel runs with limited exercise and socialization. This tells you more about the breeder than anything else no matter what their credentials might be.

The genetic background is what made your puppy.
This knowledge takes years and years of breeding experience from particular genetic lines. Breeders with less experience and pedigree (family history) knowledge should be mentored by an experienced breeder with the genetic knowledge in your puppy's pedigree.

I just want a PET, why worry about the rest!
Your PET came from the same litter with the same genetic background as the very few select pups graded to go on to conformation showing and potential future breeding stock. You want the same qualities that you find in a show dog. Even show dogs are always PETS first with a little more refinement in conformation, type and markings.

Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT)
A must for a breeder to determine which puppy to select for you that matches up with your life style. This test is done at 7 weeks and even the most experienced breeder can be surprised at the results. Nothing is more miserable than trying to live with a puppy that is not suited for your family. It is not the "sex" of the puppy that is important but the puppy's individual personality/temperament to fit in with your family. The most important thing you can do before getting a pup of any breed from any breeder, is to read the book you can get a for $8: The Monks of New Skete book "The Art of Raising Your Puppy"

IF YOU HAVE YOUNG CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY TODDLERS----NEVER adopt an older dog of any breed! NEVER bring home a puppy that has not been temperament tested by the breeder. Make sure you are given a copy of the test along with an explanation why this particular pup is the right pup to join your family.

I have been fortunate with the Berners I keep and raise in my home as they have lived lengthy lives. I have not found the average life span of seven years to be factual for my Berners. But, I do not stress the auto-immune system with over vaccinating (dogs develop immunity from the vaccinations just like people and do not need yearly vaccinations). I do not use heartworm, lyme vaccination or any toxins such as flea/tick frontline, advantage, chemical baths,dips or sprays. People are exposed to the same mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. We certainly would not take nor give to our children a drug if a bug bites us; the bug dies from ingesting the toxic blood in "our" bodies. So why on earth would we do it to our dogs and watch their auto-immune system deteriorate over years that should be strong to protect them!
And I feed a raw natural diet combined with a quality grain free kibble ...Merrick Before Grain. Please read my website on Diet and vaccinations. Rabies vaccinations has been proven to be a direct link to cancer in our dogs and our dogs have immunity after the first vaccination.

There are safer and less expensive ways to accomplish the same result. For example, Avon's skin-so-soft diluted in a spray bottle of water sprayed on your pet does the same thing as the toxic flea/tick/mosquito chemcals applied to your pet. Early neuter/spay has been proven to cause bone/joint problems in large breed dogs due to lack of hormone growth and taking nutrients from the bones. Wait until after a females first heat cycle and at least a year or longer for a male for a healthier family pet.


Sometimes things can go wrong.
You need a reliable knowledgeable source to contact for help...your breeder or your breeder's mentor. Why? They might have had a similar problem before; know of a litter mate with a similar problem and how it was solved; work with you and your veterinarian to best resolve the problem. (As a rule, veterinarians know dogs in general; but your breeder should know specific problems particular to their breed-Bernese Mountain Dog).

Since a berner puppy is an emotional as well as a financial investment, this is difficult question to answer. If you find the "right" breeder the initial cost of the puppy will pay for itself many times over. That "right" breeder should be successful with a proven track record, years of experience, knowledge to share (good and bad)and be available to you for the life time of the puppy. The real value to you is in the "breeder" you select to get your puppy from. You can't put a price on experience and knowlegde. You never know if or when your breeder's help might be needed! At the very least, your future veterinarian costs will be greatly reduced getting a healthy puppy from a reputable,responsible,knowledgeable and ethical breeder. And this is the true value of your PUPPY!

I DO NOT SHIP/FLY PUPPIES--IT IS JUST TOO DANGEROUS and just not worth the risks of putting a puppy through this extremely stressful emotional and physical experience. Puppy people either drive to my home or fly in and take the pup on board in the "people" cabin with them. My puppies are placed in homes in a various parts of the country and with advanced ticket purchase the amount is about the same as shipping a puppy cargo.

Just like everything else in life, whether you are a breeder, a teacher, a nurse, a doctor, or stay at home mom/dad; there is no substitute for "experience" and "knowledge"

Good luck in your search for a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. And if you select DeGrasso's Bernese Mountain Dogs, you can depend on my sharing my 30 years of breeding experience and look forward to many rewarding years to come with you and your bundle of fur!

Barbara Grasso,
DeGrasso's Bernese Mt Dogs
(315) 429-3520